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About Concerning the Way

I began these studies for several reasons. First, during my recovery from cancer I desired to do a thorough study of the Bible for myself, go deeper than I ever had before. It’s very difficult to find a verse-by-verse Bible study at any church these days, so I decided to do my own research.

Secondly, a couple of years ago friends began asking me questions about the Bible.Open Bible As the questions and my own personal study continued, I began getting the idea that I should start my own Bible study in my home. I believe the Holy Spirit was urging me to do it, but I resisted for some time because of my lack of confidence in my ability to teach the Bible, and reluctance to make that kind of a time commitment.

The resources I use in my studies come from great Bible scholars. I try to steer clear from the well-known, popular Christian personalities. This is mainly because I don’t trust any Bible teacher that becomes popular; I figure they must not be teaching the whole counsel of God if they are popular. You may think that’s silly, but I have history on my side. The messages that most of the true prophets brought were not popular. The ones who were popular were generally false prophets. If you go into a Christian bookstore and look at the top 20 bestselling books, you will find that most of them are at the least meaningless fluff, and at worst outright heresy. But that’s what people want to hear.

My studies don’t come from all my own interpretation. I stand on the shoulders of giants, great Bible expositors. For a list of the people whose resources I use and learn from and their Web sites, go to the Extra Articles and Sources page.



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